2021 Medilink Award Winners

The Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards 2021 celebrated the very best contributions to the life sciences industry over the past year.


LUNAC Therapeutics

LUNAC Therapeutics are developing a first-in-class, next generation oral anticoagulant for the treatment and prevention of life-threatening thrombotic events, without the bleeding risk associated with current anticoagulants.



FluoretiQ is a multi-award winning, Bristol based MedTech start-up, founded in 2017. FluoretiQ have developed NANOPLEX™- a rapid diagnostic platform that identifies bacterial pathogens in 15 minutes. This is a ground breaking technology that enables clinicians to confidently use antibiotics at the very start of patient treatment. KnitRegen KnitRegen is a wearable MedTech company, creating the next generation smart garments and technology for neurological recovery. Their patent-pending smart textiles deliver state-of-the-art muscle stimulation, providing long-term input to neural pathways, influencing recovery of movement.


EthOss Regeneration

Founded in 2013, EthOss Regeneration Ltd has progressed from market entry to one of the fastest growing dental businesses in Europe, with an international presence across 45 countries worldwide. The business’s success has been led by a truly cutting-edge product called EthOss® – a synthetic biomaterial used in dental implant surgery to encourage new bone growth. The product’s creation signified a shift in the dental bone grafting market – a sector that has remained static for decades.



Vernacare are a global supplier of innovative healthcare solutions, who create quality products that help to improve the lives of patients, residents and healthcare professionals whilst reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections. As pioneers of safe and hygienic care, Vernacare continue to innovate and collaborate in the areas of single-use toileting systems, personal hygiene, cleaning, surgical solutions, harm reduction and vaccine solutions; continually pushing the standard of care forward.

The Binding Site

Binding Site provides specialist diagnostic products to clinicians and laboratory professionals worldwide. They are dedicated to improving patient lives and delivering innovative medical solutions that improve the diagnosis and management of blood cancers and immune system disorders, through education, collaboration and innovation.



Dignio connects patients and healthcare professionals through a digital platform that disrupts the traditional way of delivering health services and opens up new possibilities for a more sustainable solution. The award-winning solution, offered in the UK since 2017, enables safe and cost-effective care, whilst at the same time liberating clinicians from routine tasks. The trusted blend of methodology and technology empowers each clinician to look after large numbers of individuals, and provides the individuals cared for with a sense of safety, sources of trusted information and support at their fingertips.


Mastercall Healthcare

Mastercall is an award-winning innovative Social Enterprise organisation, providing a range of patient-focused ‘out of hospital’ healthcare services across the North West of England.


CardMedic is an innovative and multi-award-winning app-based Software as a Service platform that improves communication between healthcare staff and patients across any barrier–including foreign language, deafness, blindness, cognitive impairment, or PPE.


Abingdon Health

Abingdon Health is a leading UK-based lateral flow contract development and manufacturing group. It manufactures innovative testing solutions across a range of industries and areas, such as clinical testing, animal health, and infectious diseases, including COVID-19. The Company is a fully integrated lateral flow business and can offer “an idea through to automated manufacturing” solution for its customers.



Neuronostics is a fast-growing med-tech company, passionate about using research to improve the lives of people with epilepsy. They are developing a novel and potentially revolutionary seizure susceptibility assessment technology called #BioEP.

Feet Etc Consultancy

Feet Etc Consultancy developed a design and manufacturing process that simplifies the foot orthodotic process. Their online solution interfaces directly with the customer/patient and connects subjective interviews into a design and manufacturing total solution. The manufacturing solution also standardises the manual processes allowing for mass production.


Blue Tree Group

After witnessing the face mask shortage of 2020, Bluetree Group, a Yorkshire-based print specialist, stepped up to help our NHS by founding Bluetree Medical – the UK’s first manufacturer of much-needed Type IIR masks.


SureScreen Diagnostics

Family firm SureScreen Diagnostics has been at the heart of innovation – creating unique alcohol testing devices for ambulances, urine tests for GPs surgeries and now accurate tests for Covid-19. Their rapid antigen tests for Covid-19 were the first European ones to pass the validation in the laboratory by Public Health England and have been exported to 53 countries and dependencies. So far 30 million have been produced for the UK government.

West Midlands PPE Collective

The West Midlands PPE Collective came together during the COVID-19 pandemic and co-ordinated the Midlands’ response to national PPE requirements and shortages. Companies involved in this included Airguard Filters, Arrow Medical, Contechs Medical, Wearwell, Hospital Direct (HDI Group) in partnership with University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB)/Birmingham Hospitals Alliance (BHA).

2020 Medilink Winners

Congratulations to all winners and highly commended for the Medilink UK Healthcare Business awards.


Neuronostics (Exeter) 

Provide diagnostic decision-support tools for neurologists. Its first commercially available clinical indication is a seizure susceptibility technology called BioEP, which enables diagnosis of epilepsy.

Highly Commended:

Cansense (Swansea)

Developing a non-invasive diagnostic for the early detection of cancer using spectroscopy and AI technology on a blood sample.  LightOx (Newcastle) Developing light activated drugs for the treatment of oral cancers, with the aim to provide clinicians and patients alternative options to surgery in pre-cancerous and early stage cancer.


Cellpath (Powys, Wales)

A family business specialising in the manufacture of worldwide supply of products, consumables and services to the cellular pathology cancer diagnostic market. 

Highly Commended:

TissueMed (Leeds)

A company specialising in the development, manufacture and worldwide sales of a surgical sealant technology.  Bailey Instruments (Manchester)  Specialises in the manufacture of medical devices (diagnostics for diabetes and neuropathy) and surgical instruments for podiatry, general surgery, and ENT. Bailey Instruments sells to 35 countries internationally.


Spirit Health Group (Leicester) 

Their growing range of products and services empower people to take control of their health, make best use of NHS resources, and use new technology to improve patient outcomes and add value for clinicians.

Highly Commended:

Cievert (Newcastle) 

Has been providing the NHS with innovative software to better manage cancer patients from diagnosis to recovery for years. Docobo (Leatherhead, Surrey)  Has digital health solutions which support care to patients with multiple long-term conditions, including cancer, mental health, musculoskeletal and social isolation.


Magstim (Whitland, Wales) 

A medical device manufacturer and supplier of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) equipment, coils and complete packages used for both Magstim TMS therapy and neuromodulation research.

Highly Commended:

SurePulse Medical (Nottingham) 

SurePulse VS is a wireless heart rate (HR) monitor for newborn babies that addresses real clinical needs, supporting patient safety in an entirely new way.

PEDAAT (South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, Sunderland)

The Paediatric Emergency Department Asthma Assessment Tool (PEDAAT) identifies asthma patients with inadequate routine care or treatment adherence and provides an intervention.


Sygnature Discovery (Nottingham) 

An independent integrated drug discovery and pre-clinical services company. Since 2011, Sygnature have delivered 30 compounds into pre-clinical development, 15 of which have subsequently entered the clinic (Phases I, II and III) in numerous critical areas.

Highly Commended:

Kapitex (Wetherby, Yorkshire)

A specialist in airway intelligence and manufactures and distributes medical devices for tracheostomy, laryngectomy and dysphagia management.  YourGene Health (Manchester)  An international molecular diagnostics group which develops and commercialises genetic products and services; enabling scientific advances to positively impact human health. 

2020 Med-Tech Innovation Award Winners

Congratulations to all winners and highly commended for the Med-Tech Innovation Awards.


Exphand Prosthetics

Impressed the judges with their affordable, expandable, customisable 3D printed prosthetics for children aged 3 to 10.

Highly Commended:

FabRX Ltd

Their M3dimaker 3D printer prints solid oral medicine enabling personalised doses of medicine to meet specific health and therapeutic requirements in a single pill.


Ainostics Ltd

Chosen for their pioneering work in developing an AI analysis engine which uses multi-modal patient data to perform highly accurate diagnosis and prognosis for early dementia.

Highly Commended:

The London Ambulance Service

Their NHS Trust’s online Point of Care Testing (POCT) service enables en-route pathological testing with results available online for the destination hospital.


Charco Neurotech (formerly The Moment)

Judges were impressed with the M-co - a non-invasive wearable device utilising pulsed cueing and focused vibrotactile stimulation to ease the symptoms of parkinsons.

Highly Commended:

Oxford VR

Their virtual reality therapy platform with a computer-generated virtual coach for personalised treatment of mental health conditions has been adopted in four NHS Trusts.


Biovation Orthopaedic Solutions Ltd

Chosen for their instrument kit used to perform cartilage replacement implant surgery for big toe arthritis. The kit was re-engineered to eliminate pre-operative lead-times, reduce manufacturing costs and lead-times as well as allow for more accurate surgery.

Highly Commended:


Patient Transfer Scale is a transfer board with an in-built weighing scale to enable immobile and time critical patients to be weighed instantly to allow for administering of drug doses and treatment.



Impressed the judges with their affordable, disposable, paper-based wearable device for continuous real-time breathing analysis in hospitals. The device is designed to automatically alert clinicians to early signs of patient deterioration.

Highly Commended:


Specialist digital materials have been developed to allow the Stratasys Digital Anatomy Platform to replicate human anatomy which has the same biomechanical properties as native bone and tissue for realistic anatomical models.