Med-Tech Awards 2023 - Finalists

After an abundance of high quality entries into the Med-Tech Innovation Awards this year, the entrants were shortlisted to twenty nine finalists!

The finalists are made up of a wide variety of interesting projects with truly ground-breaking developments in medical technology.

The Med-Tech Awards finalists for 2023 are:

3D Printing Award

Entrants should demonstrate how the use of 3D printing has enhanced or fundamentally improved the design or manufacture of medical devices. This could be as a design development aid, a manufacturing jig or fixture, or the additive manufacture of end-use products.

3D MicroPrint GmbH, Print-as-one medical micro grippers


These medical grippers and tweezers based on a specialised print-as-one design combined with high-precision Micro Laser Sintering printing, produce fully functional metal grippers in a single manufacturing step.

Bond3D, PEEK spinal cages


Bond3D helps medical device companies to print PEEK spinal cages. The company has made progress in maturing its technology to print high strength PEEK parts with comparable properties to components that are injection moulded or machined.

Boston Micro Fabrication - BMF, Microneedle-Duo Technology®


IMcoMET has developed a technology based on microfluidics and microneedles which allows the microenvironment of the tumour and all its components to be physically removed, in order to then be replaced with healthy tissue.

MedScan3D, Patient specific TAVR flow model


The TAVR flow model was used to simulate coronary access and PCI following chimney stenting during a valve implantation in a surgical bioprosthesis.

Connected Health Award

Entrants should explain how they developed the design or manufacture of a cutting edge connected medical device. For example, you could have supplied miniaturised sensors, or conductive materials, or perhaps you were involved in the production or assembly of specific components. You can also be part of the development of software, digital services and applications. 

Boston Scientific, Smart fiducial marker implant


A small, implantable radiation sensor used for radiotherapy location marking which helps to target treatment effectively for prostate cancer.

BrainTrip, BrainTrip Dementia Index (BDI)


An EEG-based biomarker which can detect dementia in its early stages and be used to measure its progression. Its non-invasive test can produce a result within 15 minutes with 94% accuracy.

CIONIC, The Cionic Neural Sleeve


Bionic clothing which combines sensing, analysis, and augmentation into a wearable garment. It was created to improve mobility for people with foot drop and leg muscle weakness brought on by multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral palsy, and other conditions.

Flex, Flex Smart Syringe 2.0


Flex Smart Syringe 2.0 is a reference platform that improves therapy adherence monitoring and helps accelerate time-to-market. Thanks to a piston that incorporates digital features and can transfer data to a cloud through Bluetooth Low Energy, the regular administration of the drug can be monitored without compromising privacy and cybersecurity.

Hemolens Diagnostics, Non-invasive cardiac diagnostics


Hemolens has developed a non-invasive diagnostic tool to help standardise care and avoid unnecessary procedures. Its diagnostic platform, Cardiolens FFR-CT Pro, generates interactive virtual map of FFR values for the coronary artery network.

Inovus Medical, Totum - surgical training ecosystem


A platform accredited by The Royal College of Surgeons England which focuses on delivering a connected surgical training ecosystem via the company’s portfolio of high fidelity surgical simulators.

The Essential Parent Company, The Essential Parent App


An app which delivers timelines of evidence-based health and mental health content, chosen by hospitals & local authorities, to expectant and new parents from diverse backgrounds.

viO HealthTech, viO digital health platform


With a range of ultra-high resolution sensors, an information rich medical device app and clinician remote monitoring portal already on the market, the viO platform is designed to help women manage the major issues of Conception, Polycystic, Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Miscarriage Risk, Pregnancy Risk, Endometriosis, and Menopause.

Design Award

Focusing on the design or redesign of a medical device, you must explain what clinical need was identified, and how this need was met through the innovative use of unique design developments. 

ASPIVIX, Carevix™ suction cervical stabilizer


Carevix is a cervical stabiliser device that uses a delicate suction technology to secure the cervix, with the patient’s comfort always in mind and without compromising on performance. Carevix offers the same manoeuvrability as the traditional tenaculum but without the need to perforate the tissue.

AstraZeneca UK Ltd and Team Consulting Ltd, AstraZeneca Training Coach


A ‘trainer’ device developed to help patients safely practice self-injecting with an autoinjector. It is designed to accurately simulate using a real injection, from the mechanisms to activate it to the pressure of pushing the device against the user’s skin and “administering.”

Bluefrog Design Ltd & Apnea Tech Ltd, ApneaScan DC1 screening device


Apne-Scan DC1 directly monitors the breath pathway, identifies apnoea’s and hypopneas (shallow breathing) and is central to developing a new low-cost platform technology to transform the screening and diagnosis of obstructive and central sleep apnoea.

JC OrthoHeal Pvt Ltd., FlexiOH™ immobilization technology


OrthoHeal is a lightweight, washable orthopaedic cast which moulds to the skin, aiming to be cost-effective, and applied quickly.

OMNIVISION, OCH2B & AntLinx endoscope imaging


AntLinx is a new medical interface using complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology embedded on the tip of an endoscope to allow cameras to enter the body through the smallest of incisions.

Pd-m International Limited, Low cost gas-less laparoscopic device


Working with the University of Leeds, Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi and medical device company XLO, PD-M International to develop a laparoscopic device for Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs).

Revvity, Inc., RONIA™ Prenatal Platform


The Revvity, Inc. RONIA Platform (research use only, in development for CE-IVD) aims at being an innovative point-of-care solution for pre-eclampsia and other conditions during pregnancy that cause adverse outcomes, offering laboratory quality results outside of a traditional healthcare setting.

Tecnomed Italia, FALKO - Medical Media Vision


FALKO is the HMD installed on a dentist’s helmet with flip-up system - studied and designed by Tecnomed Italia for the healthcare. FALKO manages and displays video information from any medical imaging equipment.

Materials Innovation Award

Entrants should explain why a new or repurposed material has been pivotal to the creation of a medical device. 

  • Is your material new? How was it developed and how crucial is it in the make up of the device?
  • Has your material been used elsewhere? If so, where? How have you used it differently? 

FLEXcon, OMNI-WAVE™: Biosignal Adhesive Tape


FLEXcon’s OMNI-WAVE is a disruptive technology that will result in cost savings for medical electrode and wearable device manufacturers while providing a better experience for patients. OMNI-WAVE utilises a skin-friendly, conductive adhesive which eliminates hydrogel-related skin reactions for patients who are sensitive to hydrogel.

Hip Impact Protection, Fall-Safe Apply


Hip protectors which are used to protect the user from falling with a design that can accommodate an adhesive film, which can be worn 24/7 – which are being trialled with fall detection sensor technology.

Isometric Micro Molding, Inc, Micro Barb Array


The Micro Barb Array was developed to provide surgeons, military personnel, and the public with an easier and less invasive way to safely close wounds. The final product is a sterile, breathable, hypoallergenic adhesive bandage that supports the skin and holds skin edges together temporarily to aid wound healing.

KRAIBURG TPE, Thermoplastic Elastomers for BFS Technology


Kraiburg has developed a new TPE combining flexible polyethylene with the properties of a polypropylene that can be steam sterilised at 121C. Suitable for the production of pharmaceutical products, it can open up new avenues in product design.

OGM Medical, Medical housing with Tritan™ MXF321 & RF2001-CC-C


OGM brought together global specialty materials company, Eastman, and specialist coating company, Roper Finishing Solutions, to collaborate on developing materials for the project of developing housing for an electrically powered device using the latest semi-conductor technology.

Sustainability Award

Entrants must demonstrate how innovation in design or manufacture has reduced the environmental footprint of a medical device. This could be through:

  • Material innovation (reusable/recyclable etc)
  • Production efficiencies to reduce CO2
  • Resource efficiencies to reduce CO2

Airway Medical Ltd, Net Zero Compact Airway Medical Suction Unit


Compact Airway Medical Suction Unit - CAMSU, provides a net zero, low-cost portable airway suction device; made from plant based bio-polymers, that does not require electrical power.

SageTech Medical + Hymid Multi-Shot Ltd, SID-Solutions sustainable anaesthesia


SageTech Medical have developed SID-Solutions; a circular economy solution for capturing, recovering and recycling environmentally harmful waste volatile anaesthetic gases.

CliniMed, Sustainable Medical Packaging


CliniMed has brought to market an all-silicone sheath whereby the packaging stands out and offers benefits to the NHS, clinicians and carers and the patients whilst also being much kinder to the environment.

Residual Barrier Technology Limited, Truly Biodegradable Disinfectant Wipes


Residual Barrier Technology has developed a 100% biodegradable disinfectant wipe for the healthcare sector which aims to minimise the environmental damage caused by microplastics and chemicals released into healthcare and general environments.